What can Peak do for you?

At Peak, we offer a wide variety of management services, from Profit First Assessments and Coaching, Bookkeeping, HR and Payroll. 

We offer Value Pricing to our clients based on services they need, and nothing more! Value Pricing is a fancy term for a flat fee billed each month for services, included in a fancy-schmancy contract that will keep us on track for what Peak will do for YOUR business! We insist on FIRST RATE Customer Service, so you’ll always be able to reach out and communicate in the manner you prefer (i.e. text, email, phone, etc.)

Oh, and YOU get to choose your billing date, so budgeting for Peak’s services has never been easier. Win-Win!

Profit First Services

As a Profit First Professional, we have access to tools and resources to help YOUR business with figuring out where you are, so we can figure out how to get where you WANT to be! Profit First is an accounting methodology that simply changes the way we take our profit. 

We can help you increase your profit AND have a solid plan to move your business to the next level!

Business Planning

We offer business plan writing to anyone who needs to get their mission and goals solidified in black and white. Many business owners don’t know the importance of having a written business plan. We work with our clients to create the perfect mission statement and realistic, measurable goals. We also offer cost forecasting as an add-on option for entrepreneurs who need to obtain financing for their dreams. No matter where you are in your business, you need a plan and Peak can help you create an AMAZING plan for your future!

Peak Business Group - Back Office Business Solutions


Peak provides bookkeeping services at VALUE PRICING!

Bookkeeping services include monthly reconciliation of all business accounts, using Quickbooks Online. We prefer the online platform so that our clients can have access to their books at any time. This service also includes cross reference of all accounts in Quickbooks, to ensure no discrepancies and that double entry accounting is correct.

Clients are responsible for sending bank and credit card statements electronically, and we return Profit & Loss reports, Balance Sheets, reconciliation reports and an excel spreadsheet of any discrepancies found and documentation of how they were corrected.

Communication is KEY with bookkeeping services! The #1 complaint we’ve heard about other financial services companies is that there’s no communication and clients are never sure where they stand financially. Peak solves this problem with clear communication and facetime with any clients who want personalized service!

HR & Payroll

Peak has the experience and expertise to help you as your business grows. We have the resources to build a customized HR program for you, including Employee Handbooks, new hire forms packages and policies.

Whether you decide to bring on 1099 contractors, or hire direct employees, we can help get your help PAID! We assist with the documentation and steps needed BEFORE you hire or expand, so you can ROCK & ROLL when you’re ready. Planning is key when hiring help and we know how to get your business ready!

Payroll & Accounting

Value Pricing

We are phasing out hourly rates and implementing value pricing! 

What is Value Pricing, you ask?! It’s a flat fee schedule based on the services you’ve need! This benefits YOU because you can plan on a flat cost for Peak’s services each month. AND you can choose your billing date!! Guesswork for your budgeted costs with Peak goes out the window since you’ll know what you’re going to be billed each month!

Let's get started!

To-do lists that require you to change your behavior have proven to be extremely ineffective.  Our process puts "behavioral guardrails" in place that allow you to achieve your objectives by NOT changing yourself.  The result is fluid, comfortable growth and increased profits. Give us a call (or send us an email) for a free consulting session. No strings attached.

Peak now offers


financial services!

Profit First Professional


Bookkeeping & Financial Planning

Human Resources

Human Resources & Payroll

PEAK Business Group operates out of sunny Colorado, but we are able to take clients nationally!